Wiki Challenge

Answer the following questions as a group as you learn about our classroom and answer some science trivia!

1. What is our "I can..." statement today?

2. When magma cools and hardens, does it form:
A. Igneous rock
B. Sedimentary rock
C. Metamorphic rock

3. What is today's homework?

4. True or false? Bases change litmus paper to blue.

5. Which is not a fossil fuel:
A. coal
B. wood
C. oil

6. True or false? Neutrons have a negative charge.

7. What is the center of an atom called?

8. Where in the classroom do you turn in papers to be graded?

9. ___ is the amount of matter an object has.

10. Which of the following has the most potential energy?
A. A car at the top of a hill
B. A car speeding down a hill
C. A person at the top of a hill

11. What type of energy is caused by vibrations which in turn causes air particles to vibrate allowing energy to travel from particle to particle?

12. An example of a chemical change or reaction is:
A. Mixing salt in water
B. Burning wood
C. Defrosting frozen food
D. Making lemonade

13. What is your classroom room number?

14. In this classroom, where is the eyewash station located?
A. Inside the cabinet
B. In the back of the room near the windows
C. In the front of the room near the door
D. There is no eyewash station in the classroom.

15. How many sinks are there in the classroom?

16. List four topics that we will be learning about in science this year. (Hint: scroll up and look at the list on the left hand side of the page)